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Programs Overview

These are for the individuals that have their nutrition under control and are looking at taking their training to the next level, where these programs will primarily be muscle building. The main aim here is to educate you on how to effectively specialize your training on one given goal in mind by controlling the variables in your favour.

Combining 7 years of training (adding 40kg/80lbs myself), working with hundreds of clients both in a seminar and one on one setting and investing thousands on a consistent basis to work with the best authorities in the industry.

This program will show you exactly how to progress your training effectively over 12 weeks for maximal growth!

What's included?

Weekly training overview breaking down the reps, sets, rest time period, specific supplements, advanced training variables and mechanism of hypertrophy.

Detailed breakdown of every workout with each exercise listing, tempos, reps, rest period, pairing, advanced training variables and set up / execution tips.

Strength Curve manipulation to cause rapid growth and maximal muscle fibre and motor unit recruitment.

Advanced Drop Sets, Supersets, Cluster sets, Rest Pause, Intra-Set Stretching, Blood Flow Restriction training to maximise growth and fat loss in the shortest amount of time.

Training intensity, frequency, volume, density, lactic acid and tension are strategically varied.

Manipulation and periodization of training volume, rep ranges, advanced training variables and frequency to ensure rapid and consistent progress.

Biomechanically safe exercises and exercise selection tailored to your body, bone length and range of movement.

Downloadable PDFs for your mobile or printable versions to take to the gym.

Mindset is Key

Programs all are all designed in specific focus blocks so you can mentally set your short terms goals and make them happen without losing focus

Every week builds on the previous so no week is the same

All workouts are designed for a specific goal or outcome.

The idea is to become clear on specific goal for the workout and optimize everything possible to get there.

By being clear on the what you want out of the workout you will become more focus and much more likely to reach it.

Once this vision is set, these workouts will show you exactly how to get you there.

These programs will show you exactly how to implement the most sought after progression protocols to make the very most of your effort.

Notes on all exercises included so you know exactly what is needed.

If anything is unclear or needs adjustments for your personal requirements please don't hesitate to contact me.

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