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If you want to get back in great shape past 35 there's some key adjustments that are really holding you back from dropping the gut, upgrading your energy and an feeling proud of the man in the mirror. On this call we can bust through these roadblocks and build out your 6 month game plan together.

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This call is designed to create a direction to your efforts to get certainty on your next steps. Many have got more clarity off this call than they have paid in the past for a PT session. It also allows me to see if you are a good fit to working with us - IF you are a good with, you will get an invite.

To The High Functioning Man...


If you're struggling to find your stride again after working so hard to make a life for yourself and you want to get your body back on track this is the ONLY framework that will show you have to re-spark that drive, make it a priority again and show you are SMARTER way to train and transform your body, energy and health.


If you are driven to see progress in your training, you want to be a role model for your kids, partner or colleagues or simply feel STRONG and CONFIDENT in your bodies again after seeing a slow deterioration then you're going to want to keep reading…


Below I am going to coach you through the 3 Pillars I coach my clients so that you can be confident in your ability to get stronger, leaner and in better shape that your 30s with a smarter approach that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Discover how Jacob when from a "skinny-fat" 69kg to a strong, muscular 85kg!

How Ali reached his goal of 90kg while dropping fat, increasing his energy, and building muscle all while working has a high-level CHEF!!

WARNING: Getting these kind of results doesn’t come from a magic pill or superfood, you still have to actually put in the work…

As you might already know, I am next-level passionate about getting high functioning men back in shape so that you have it all. There is no point building a career and life that you can’t enjoy because you’ve left your body behind in the process. Men need to see themselves progressing and improving, and with that comes a standard you need to hold to yourself and your body as well.


I know you don’t want to live in the gym, but you want to be absolutely certain that every minute that you’re pushing yourself through those last sets you know it will be to build the resilience, character and results that allow you to excel in every other area of your life.


If you’re someone that is just looking for a quick fix or magic pill for the next concert or beach party, then this might not be for you.


BUT if you're someone who has made a commitment to THEMSELVES that this is something they need to make a priority again. Because they know how much it helps propel their lives forward being comfortable in their own skin, being mentally physically sharp, and have energy that lasts the whole day without a slump, then lean in…


I’m about to share with you what most “coaches” either completely disregard or aren’t even aware of, that allow you to strip back the extra body fat while staying strong, energetic and athletic for the rest of your life.


The 3 Crucial FOCUS Adjustments I Coach My Private Clients


This is designed SPECIFICALLY for the exact stage of live that you’re currently going through so bring back the structure, accountability and RESULTS that will improve your enjoyment, connection and ultimately fulfilment in a body you can feel proud of because you have put yourself back on the priority list.


This framework has been tested in the trenches with over 200 high functioning men while being upgraded and critiqued by the best in the industry so get rid of all the fluff and focus on fact driven GOLD that will upgrade every aspect of transforming your body and life.


Many of my clients had been stuck for 2, 5 10+ years before working with me, not because they lacked drive or work ethic (much the opposite!). But because they followed outdated and ineffective (sometimes harmful) training and nutrition methods that left them with nothing but sore joints, low energy and stagnation…


They were busy doing things like:


- Restrictive diets or shakes that were actually hurting their progress, energy and hormones

- Focusing get getting back to their “old weights” in the gym but no seeing the same results

- Long cardio sessions, circuit or crossfit classes and bodybuilding programs leaving them worse for wear

- Forcing themselves to train, overworked and under-recovered because it's all about effort right? WRONG


They were doing all these “common” training methods and wondering why they were being left with minimal to NO results…


And to be totally transparent… I have been there before!


So, I know exactly how frustrating this can be. Pushing hard day in, day out and not seeing the results that would have been effortless in your 20s but now just feels out of reach.


I eventually got to a point where I realized I was doing TWICE the hours, TWICE the reps and had TWICE the commitment of my 20yr old self but with HALF results…


It was not until I uncovered these 3 completely overlooked aspects of optimizing the way I trained that I started to REALLY see the results from the work I was putting in!


BTW this wasn’t uncovered merely by trial and error… This was handpicked while working with the TOP experts in their respective fields and investing HEAVILY (I lost count after $40k…) into experts in their field to see what these gaps in the common approach really were that made ALL the difference.


I know you're in this spot right now, so I am going to show you exactly what I wish I uncovered all those years back.


Because you and I know that things are harder now, and even though you might not have been going as regularly as you’d hoped, it’s time to get back in control of your body.


Before I dive into these crucial 3 Pillars, I want to remind you of the overarching golden rule of progress and fulfillment with your goals:


They fail to commit to the adjustments needed for change…


They fail because they think they can go at it alone and figure it out…


And most importantly they fail because they don’t attach this vision of the man they want to become to a big enough WHY that allows them to really follow through on the most rewarding transformation of their lives…


And do you know who profits from this lack of results and direction?


It’s the supplement companies and commercials that promise you there is an easier way, a quick fix that will dissolve all commitment required for REAL change.


So, before we dive in, I want to make sure you are well aware that these PILLARS won't help (nothing will) if you're not prepared to first make this commitment to yourself in what change really takes…


So now that I've got that out the way, let's dive in…


Pillar 1: Health Before Performance Principle

99% of guys AND fitness coaches fail to recognize this…


I have so many busy motivated guys come to me looking to get in great shape and very often they wonder why I start with them doing LESS…


If you're stuck getting back into shape or in a plateau, one of the best things you can do is step back and optimize your Health Anchors.


How to tell if you're fighting an uphill battle:


- You feel that no matter how “clean” you eat your energy is terrible.

- Your joints, muscles and ligaments ache and you feel sluggish.

- Your motivation to train is low without a coffee.

- You feel constantly stressed, anxious or down all day

- You have to wake up a couple times a night and never feel well rested.


If you can get back to feeling GREAT again and optimize these simple (but overlooked) elements of digestion and cellular health, everything else will fall in line seamlessly.


How do I fix this?


Look at what you can absorb, not what you eat.


90% of foods in your supermarket are processed beyond belief and even many of the so called "health" foods are hugely inflammatory which really messes up the regulation of your gut and inflammation response leading to low energy, stalled fat loss and minimal recovery.

Pillar 2: Quality Principle (Internal vs. External)

Nearly every sport on the planet has an external goal… Score a goal, jump a certain height, finish in a certain time, etc.


So we are ALL conditioning into moving weight and counting reps to measure quality but this is exactly why 99% of us get more injuries and plateaus that results.


The pros that can just focus on training and have constant instruction from coaches to do the thinking for them can just focus on output.


But for the men that want to perform at a high level at work, be present and fulfilled at home and frankly don't want to spend every spare minute in the gym, you NEED to rethink quality.


In the video above I explain the importance of shifting your focus to the muscle you are training. This allows you to MAXIMISE performance, increase mobility (flexibility+strength) and drop body fat without the side effects of sore joints so this serves you LONG TERM.


Sure, you have external things like barbells and dumbbells, but these things are all just tools to get an INTERNAL response!


NOTE: If you focus on your ability to contract muscles well your ability to drop fat, increase your LIFE-SPAN and stay strong and mobile for the rest of your life GREATLY INCREASES.


If you could maximise your results in the gym with less wear and tear on the joints, less time in the gym and more confidence that it’s working, wouldn't you want to shift your training focus?


If you switch your focus and really get familiar with what is actually happening to your body while you’re lifting a weight you’ll notice how much more effective you can make it, simply by with this shift in FOCUS.


If you mindlessly sling weight round you will always have muscular imbalances, working around injuries and leaving over HALF your results on the table.


This GAP in skill set is very often the difference between an effective 30min workout and the hour and a half workout that leaves you questioning if you really achieved anything…

Pillar 3: Internal vs. External

Now that we have an awareness of what quality really is (Pillar 2) then can really turn up the dial and maximize your time to drop that extra around the waist, get strong and feel POWERFUL again.


The way we do this is with the Afterburn effect, and this is how it works.



-If we drive a car from point A to B and turn it off, we burn X amount of fuel.


This is like us getting on a treadmill and just focusing on burning calories in the one hour, once we get off, no extra calories burned.




-If we drive a car from point A to B and then leave it running for 24 to 48hours this will burn significantly more fuel.


This is what happens when we harness the power of this new level of focus around the way we train using weights to breakdown tissue (training the 3 muscular systems).


But here's the real magic, in order to repair this issue from this style of training, the body burns SIGNIFICANTLY more calories for 24 to 48hours AFTER exercise to rebuild and recover.


So if you're willing to work hard for 30-40mins using this framework, you'll get a 10x return on your efforts. How's that for a good investment!


Or you can continue to "hope" that following traditional bodybuilding splits or long cardio sessions will eventually bring back the gold...


This style of training will eliminate any lack of direction because every time you walk into the gym you have clear outcomes and targets for the workouts to achieve!


So, where does this leave you?


If you have read this far, it's fair to say that this is important for you because it is genuinely affecting your outlook and confidence as a man. You know that you need to face this now because it doesn't get easier if you dive back into work and come back to it in 5 years, I've had plenty of men admit leaving it this long was one of their biggest regrets…



You want to feel like you have an actionable plan to dominate every workout and leave feeling you’re making STRIDES towards the upgraded body that will allow you to live your life to its fullest.


You want to know that the foods you are eating are enhancing your results not hurting them…


And most importantly you want to feel like you have control over the process, so you feel confident in your own skin and that you know all the work you are putting it is showing through.


If that is you then I want to invite you to book in a call with me so I can help you apply this framework directly to you and BUILD OUT YOUR PERSONAL GAME PLAN.


And if you're a good fit, I may be invited into my private coaching platform, where driven men are raising the standards of their bodies and building a level of momentum in their careers and lives.

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After 8 years working with busy professionals like you and helping them sculpt the physique they desire... I've discovered a few common traps most busy professionals get caught up (and stay stuck) in when it comes to their physique goals.


Reality is... you're most likely blocked by something that has nothing to do with the amount of exercise you're doing or the calories you're consuming.


When my clients finally discover these hidden blocks... they go on to see results faster than they imagined possible (most of them couldn't believe how quickly they could slip into that dapper suit or stunning dress... while doing LESS "work.")


And that's why the fastest way for you to get there is for us to brainstorm together on what exactly is holding you back right now... and the exact steps you need to take to overcome it.


So... because I love to reward people like you who are committed to changing and bettering themselves... I'm opening up my calendar for us to brainstorm together for a limited time.


Let's hop on a 30 minute phone call together and uncover what's been blocking you from your physique goals and the exact, simple steps you'll need to start seeing results quickly. (Yes, it's free.)


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The Risk Of Not Committing To Change And Staying Stuck Is Far Greater Than The Risk Of Taking Action.